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Bel Royal Primary School

Bel Royal Primary School

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School Homework Summary

Home school link

We have a homework policy that forms part of our link to home which aims to involve parents in their children’s learning.

Foundation and Key Stage 1

Homework consists mainly of regular reading with parents and sharing books together. Other activities may relate to word of the week, letter/blend of the week, spellings, maths or topic work. At this stage homework is optional depending on how receptive children are to activities and home circumstances. Homework at this early stage takes about 15 minutes per day.

Year 3

A range of activities should result in a total of about one hour of homework over the week.

Year 4 and Year 5

A total of approximately two hours over the week.

Year 6

A weekly total of about two and a half hours homework.


In Key Stage 2 it is anticipated that all children will develop organisational skills using their homework diaries to record homework tasks, take work home and return it to school completed on time. Your support in developing a positive attitude towards homework is appreciated. Please regularly check your child’s home/school diary and use it to pass on any comments, messages or questions you have for the class teacher. If there is an urgent comment you would like the class teacher to see, ask the child to give the book to their teacher as the diaries may not necessarily be checked every day by staff.

We ask that parents

  • Provide the opportunity, encouragement and environment for homework to take place.
  • Provide guidance and support without completing tasks themselves.
  • Encourage their child(ren) to read widely, visit the library, participate in a variety of                  sports/leisure activities, discuss the school day and topics covered.
  • Let the school know if homework is causing any difficulties at home.
  • Read the termly curriculum letter that provides information about the focus of the activities in the classroom.

At school we will:

  • Ensure children are given tasks which they can readily attempt.
  • Give children clear expectations of homework tasks set.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient time allowed for the completion of tasks.

We expect children to:

  • Take responsibility for collecting and handing in homework.
  • Ask if they are unsure what to do.
  • Take responsibility for completing their work.