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Social Media Permission

In order to comply with the Data Protection law, we need your express permission before we can upload information to Bel Royal School's Facebook Page, use YouTube (private non-searchable channels) for school assemblies and similar, and communicate to you through WhatsApp. Please complete the form below. Bel Royal School has robust risk assessments in place for both Facebook and WhatsApp.

We will:
- Only share school related information on our social media.
- Only include information where parental permissions are in place.
- Try to ensure no inappropriate content (language, photos or advertising) to appear on our pages.
- Use the social media platforms to communicate outwards to parents and our community, not for inward communication into school.
- Follow strict guidelines about privacy and safety, including:
-only sharing images of children in groups, not individually
- never including the name of a child with an image (names and images (including video) can be included where they do not appear in the same post.).

You have the right to change your permissions at any time. Please complete this form again, or contact the office. Your permissions in this form will be retained and will last until your child leaves Bel Royal School.

Please complete all of these by checking the box if you agree. Any blank boxes will indicate you do not agree:*