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As a school, we encourage all our pupils to maintain high standards not only in their work but in their appearance too. There is an expectation that all pupils wear school uniform and look smart at all times.  All items can be bought from JSSK in Les Quennevais precinct and Lyndale Sports in Trinity.  






Navy trousers 

Teal polo shirt with school crest 

Navy v-necked jumper with school crest 

Black Shoes (not trainers) 

Black or Navy socks 

Navy skirt, trousers or tailored shorts 

Teal polo shirt with school crest 

Navy v-necked jumper with school crest 

Black shoes with sensible low heels 

White/navy socks or navy tights 


As above with the option of navy shorts in summer. 

As above with option of Bel Royal School summer dress / navy shorts / blue/black sandals (not open-toed). 

PE Kit 

Reception to Year 2  

Key Stage 2  (Year 3 to Year 6) 

Navy regulation shorts,   

Teal polo shirt with school crest 

Plimsolls or light weight trainers – plain dark or white 

School regulation tracksuit  

Navy regulation shorts or navy netball skirt 

Teal polo shirt with school crest 

Plimsolls or light weight trainers – plain dark or white 

School regulation tracksuit  

(Football boots & shin pads - football squad only) 

Pupils come to school in PE kit on the days they have PE.  Pupils should not come to school in non-regulation track suits/leggings or skirts. 

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly labelled/named. The school will not accept responsibility for missing items.   

Extra items available from JSSK include: 

P.E. bags, book bags, beanie hats, sun hats (hats are being sourced at present). 



Any pupil with hair that is longer than shoulder-length should have it tied back accordingly with a blue hair-band. This is for Health and Safety and working reasons. 


The only jewellery permitted is a simple watch. Pupils with pierced ears may wear plain stud earrings only. For safety’s sake these are removed or covered for P.E. If your child has had their ears pierced, only stud earrings should be worn.  Nail varnish and other make-up items are not permitted. 

Overalls and Aprons 

Painting shirts or overalls are worn for messy activities.  You may be asked to provide one of these. 

Valuables & Personal Property 

We actively discourage pupils from bringing valuable items and toys into school. However, if a pupil does so then we, as a school, cannot accept responsibility for it if it gets broken or lost. 

Electronic items are not allowed unless specific permission has been given by a member of staff. 

Mobile Phones 

Any mobile phone brought to school must be, and remain, turned off during the school day. Individual pupils are responsible for their own phones and once again the school cannot accept responsibility for these should they get broken or lost. 

Lost Property 

We do not have a lost property box, please make sure that all items of clothing, etc. are clearly marked with your child’s name. If items are marked they can easily be returned to their owner. The school will not accept responsibility for missing items.