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Bel Royal Primary School

Bel Royal Primary School

Achievement Together

Approaches to Learning


                                     Bel Royal Communication Ethos

 Language is a toolbox that we use to make friends and be part of a community. We need to acquire certain tools so that we can communicate effectively and understand what others are communicating to us. Through speech we share our ideas and feelings, emotions, humour, wisdom and values. Through listening and courteous talking we learn to break down barriers so that we can all get on together.

In our classrooms we set weekly goals for language and communication. We develop our reasoning, questioning and comprehension skills through regular quality talk sessions. We ensure that there are frequent opportunities for meaningful child-to-child, child-to-adult and adult-to-child interactions.


Bel Royal School Learning Attitudes and Dispositions

To help develop our attitudes to learning we are in the process of creating a team of Learning Detectives from pupils in Year 5. The students have a chance to use their voice to develop themselves as independent and responsible learners.

Learning Detectives help pupils to understand how to use their learning skills. The main roles and responsibilities of our Learning Detectives are:

- To observe lessons and learn how to give feedback that is clear and understandable

- To encourage team work and communications

- To improve lessons by giving feedback

- To help children learn easier


Learning Detectives help not only the pupils but the school as a whole to develop and advance the learning experience for all and to improve lessons and learning.