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Bel Royal Primary School

Bel Royal Primary School

Achievement Together


An Eco School is a school that is more aware of ecological issues within school and its local community, and how the school can address these to make its members  more ecological and environmentally friendly.

We are now a Bronze Award Eco School

To enable us to achieve bronze award status we have established an Eco Schools Committee which meet as a full committee each half-term but also have sub committee meetings as required depending upon the initiative. The committee is pupil led and pupil driven in the initiatives but overseen by supporting adult representatives. Members of the committee consist of staff, parents, our school site supervisor but primarily representatives from each year group Reception to Y6

To launch our Eco Schools initiative our Eco committee walked around school to undertake an Environmental Review which is an audit of our school, covering the nine eco-schools topics.

This gave us a realistic picture of our school’s current environmental performance. It also told us what we are doing well and what we might need to work on. The review looked at Energy, Litter, Waste/Recycling, Water, Transport, Healthy Living, Biodiversity, School Grounds and Global Citizenship.

We created an action plan and from that used Switch Off Fortnight to look at how we could save energy.

By using a wireless electricity monitor we monitored our electricity usage prior to Switch Off Fortnight [SOF]. Then we made a whole school effort to switch off anything electrical like lights IWB’s PC’s when they were not in use during SOF. For safety we had marked all switches with red or green dots to show which were safe to touch.