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Internet Safety

Concern Raised

This is a gentle reminder for those who are not aware of the App called `Whisper`. 

I would like to draw your attention to concerns expressed by one of my student's mum about a new social media app called "Whisper". She told me that her daughter had uploaded it onto her phone and she had 5 contacts, all from older men. Mum admitted that the girl is naïve and had told them her age and where she lived. All the men sent messages asking for pictures of her in a bikini or less.

So what is Whisper?

Whisper is an anonymous social network that allows people to express themselves. If you have ever had something too intimate to share on traditional social networks, simply share it on Whisper! Connect with others with FREE private messaging and respond to other Whispers with your own anonymous Whispers. Discover Whispers from around the world and browse Whispers on topics that interest you most.

Add your text hereSafety tip: This app is scary since it promotes open sharing of secrets and then people can contact you to meetup. Be careful if your students have this app.  The recommended age is 17

This is an American site but the video is very good at explaining what Whisper is all about

This is also another one that is on our radar ………….

ICQ – A New App for free video call, chat and voice.

This is a new app with an age rating as low as 4 where young people can connect with almost anyone. The app boast’s its ‘very friendly video chat interface’ and ‘unlimited international chat rooms and channels.’ While this app claims to have a secure network and manageable privacy features  it also comes with its risks. You can video call using ‘masks’ where what you’re seeing may not be who you’re talking too, also the fact anyone from anywhere in the world could use this app to connect with your nearest and dearest and not always for the nicest of reasons.